Natural Peak® was created by Emmanuel Schiltz in 2014 in the heart of the Aravis in Haute-Savoie. Passionate about mountains and outdoor sports, He wanted to offer technical clothing that is 100% eco-designed, in order to preserve nature and the global environment. His multidisciplinary taste has enabled him to design products suitable for all outdoor and wellness sports.

Much more than a brand, it is astate of mind and a way of life.

It is the fruit ofa rich experience in several sports disciplines and a daily passion. Arelentless desire for several years of research to find a more natural textilein symbiosis with our ideals, sport and the environment.

We wanted and developed technicalclothing made from natural fibers. Also, we have
developed models and cuts matching the shapes of your body, allowing you tokeep optimal
comfort in the slightest movements in order to support you in your physical andmental
performance. Because we are convinced at Natural Peak®, that the comfort of aproduct
improves and conditions the mind and psyche to surpass themselves.

Our vocation is to offer a 100% eco range designed to preserve nature! For this Emmanuel 
uses wood as a raw material. But it does not stop there.
The manufacturers of our products are environmentally conscious and have a strong social 
ethic. In addition, the wood from which the fabric is created comes from renewable forests
maintained without pesticides or herbicides. This, of course in regions mainly European
(for Beech wood) and Africa (for Eucalyptus wood), where there is no problem of
deforestation, since the latter are increasing year after year.

Environmentally friendly technical clothing made from Wood fibers !

Offers a range of technical and ecological clothing. Our Innovative Technology

is an association of wood-based textile fibers:

Modal® from cellulose from Beech wood (warmth and comfort) and Tencel® from cellulose from Eucalyptus wood (technicality and freshness).

But we go a little further.


Designed to avoid any discomfort in movement, Natural Peak clothing keeps you warm even when humidity accumulates and prevents odors,
thus meeting the needs of winter and mountain sportspeople. Incredibly soft and comfortable, they can also be worn when doing wellness
activities as well as everyday.

Manufacturing process :

Fiber manufacturing:

The material developed is an artificial synthetic fiber produced with cellulose, therefore biodegradable, from eucalyptus wood, mainly South African but also based on wood from European forests, including that of Austria where is based LENZING. Using just half an acre of eucalyptus forest, it is possible to produce a ton of lyocell fiber, or one-fifth of the soil / cotton production ratio for example, making it a very profitable fabric from a marketing perspective. the occupation of space. It should also be remembered that eucalyptus is a plant that does not require a lot of water, so irrigation is not necessary. European forests are also obviously self-sufficient from a water point of view, another big advantage over cotton! These elements, associated with the transformation processes, led to the recognition by lyocell of the prestigious European ecological label Oeko Tex 100.

Incomparable technical properties

Extremely soft

Its exceptional comfort will accompany you throughout your climbs or your daily activities. Between cashmere and silk, with its more less cuts, a real second skin. Also suitable for people with skin problems.

Thermal regulation

Warm like wool, vegetable fiber is an excellent thermal regulator. The beech wood fiber retains body heat and effectively protects the outside cold. While the eucalyptus wood fiber has the particularity to generate costs in hot weather.


Thanks to its vegetable fiber, the material has the particularity of trapping bacteria and stopping their proliferation, so the fabric does not retain bad odors even after several days of use.


The elastane allows the clothes to adapt easily to all body types and to follow the movements of the wearer for optimal comfort. This elasticity also gives it excellent resistance to shrinkage during machine washing. Since sports clothing requires elasticity, we were forced to add 4 to 10% elastane depending on the model. Some models in our Life Style range are 100% Wood!

Moisture control

The technology wicks away moisture, whether it's the wearer's perspiration or the rain. With a wrap (K-Way, Gore-tex ..), the garment stays dry and adapts to body temperature whatever the circumstances.

UV Protection

In summer, the sun's rays are stopped by the anti-UV fiber, giving the wearer a feeling of freshness.