WoodWear® Innovation


Natural Peak WoodWear® Range

90% wood fibers, 10% elastane


WoodWear® technology, derived from a new material called ProModal, is the combining of two unique materials: Lenzing Modal, produced from rebuilt beech wood cellulose, and Tencel, coming from eucalyptus wood cellulose. ProModal mixes these two extraordinary attributed materials for an innovative result:  an eco-friendly fabric presenting features identical to merino wool fabrics.


Unrivaled technical properties

WoodWear®’s many technical qualities make it an indispensable ally during sports :

ico_Softness An incredibly soft and flexible fabric even after many washes. It gives a feeling of a second skin to the wearer.
WoodWear® technology evacuates moisture, whether the wearer’s perspiration or rain. The clothing stays dry and adapts itself to the body’s temperature no matter the circumstances.
Thanks to moisture control, the fabric does not keep any perspiration odor..
ico_StopUV The sun’s rays are stopped by the WoodWear® ‘s fiber.
Its naturally stretchable fiber allows WoodWear® clothing to adapt itself to all morphologies and to hug the wearer moves for an optimum comfort. This elasticity ensures a good resistance to shrinking when washed in machine.
ico_BiologicTechnology A process using non-toxic solvents, recovered to 99% after the process.
WoodWear® fiber keeps the body’s warmth, protecting efficiently from the outside cold during winter. In summer, the fiber stops the sunbeams, providing the wearer a freshness sensation.
ico_WoodenTextile Clothes whose raw material is wood from renewable forests and maintened without pesticides and without herbicides.

Respect the environment

Produced from natural wood fibers, WoodWear® clothing manufacturing is respectful for the environment.The wood, from which is created the material, comes from renewable forests maintained without pesticides or herbicides. This wood is then transformed thanks to a non-poisonous solvent, which is almost entirely salvaged (at 97.7%) after the process.  When extracting the wood pulp, the annex materials are salvaged for other industries. The obtained fabric is biodegradable.

Designed in the Alpes, produced in Europe

Natural Peak clothing are thought, designed and marketed from the Massif des Aravis, in the French Alps.The production is European; the trees used to extract the wood fibers grow in Central Europe, are treated in Austria, and the fabric is assembled in Turkey. aravis-2

Maintenance :

Thanks to its elastic fiber, WoodWear® is resistant to shrinkage. The smooth surface reduces the adhesion of lime deposits on the fabric and allows it to remain soft even after repeated washes. Wash inside machine (30°). Do not tumble dryer.